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Sol&Verde Village is ready to welcome you:
safety and true relaxation in an outdoor holiday!
We have implemented security protocols
and internal rules to safeguard spacing,
sanitization and observe the regulations in force!
no worries!
it will be a fun summer, even if a little different
Swimming Pools:
swimming pool and solarium
be prepared to welcome
in complete safety
safe with take away service, food delivery
and at the tables safely
ready to receive safely
with controlled access
sanitized and spaced
in an oasis of tranquility
Common areas:
common areas sanitized several times a day


To see the original text of ordinance 547 of 17 May 2020 with regional guidelines (attachment 2 in italian) click here.
Our summer in the village is enlivened by entertainment and animation
carried out almost totally in the open air, modulated and organized according to
predefined spacing and safety measures.
Activities take place several times a day to reduce the number of participants
and allow sanitation of areas and recreational equipment.
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Access is allowed only to members / guests on a pre-established shift system,
monitored by tank attendants and within the limits of the permitted capacity.
The seats available
they are equipped and properly spaced.
The shower and the use of the cap are a must to get wet.
Sanitization is carried out at the end of each shift and the swimming pool is disinfected with chlorine.
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Our JUST BAR restaurant / bar offers table service upon reservation (guaranteed distances)
but also a convenient Food Delivery and Take Away service
to have meals in the privacy of your own accommodation.
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Individual chalets with large pitches surrounded by greenery allow you to take advantage of comfortable and safe spaces.
At each check out, for cleaning the housing units
a change of natural air with meticulous sanitization is foreseen
and the use of suitable products.
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To guarantee compliance with hygiene and safety protocols, all staff are aware of the regulations in force.
Hydro-alcoholic products for hand cleaning are
located in several places within the village.
The masks must be used every time you leave your housing unit
or in any case when it is not possible to keep the distance of at least one meter from the other guests.
Outside the common toilets, there are separate collection points for personal devices already used.
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Each common area (as well as toilets and showers) is designed to allow interpersonal distancing.
It will also be cleaned and sanitized several times a day.
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