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20/07/2020 new news for members in the reserved area.

11/03/2020 We inform the members and users of the village that, in the face of the rules contained in the government decree regarding the "Coronavirus" emergency, the BoD has decided to close the campsite at least until April 3, 2020.

As a result, the opening of the bar restaurant will be postponed to a later date and a postponement of the ordinary shareholders' meeting originally scheduled for the end of April cannot be excluded.

We also remind you that the supply of water to the columns will remain suspended.

As regards those works already in an advanced state and / or being defined (demolitions or construction of stands), they may be authorized from time to time in derogation of the above, with specific resolution issued by the Board of Directors, upon request by the shareholder. In this regard it will be necessary to send a specific e-mail to this address

Thanks for the active collaboration and the civic sense that each of us will surely be able to demonstrate, we take this opportunity to offer you all a sincere wish that this bad moment can pass soon.

the board of directors

03/04/2020 Gentlemen,

in consideration of the prolongation of the Covid-19 emergency, and of the directives issued by the governing bodies, this Board of Directors considers it appropriate to extend the closure of the village until a later date.

In the hope that all this can be resolved in a considerably short time in order to return to enjoy our Village, we hope to be able to meet all in health and serenity.

The Board of Directors

23/04/2020 Coronavirus emergency - important communication.

26/04/2020 Coronavirus emergency - important communication following the previous one.

08/05/2020 Coronavirus emergency - important communication.

19/05/2020 Coronavirus emergency - Communication.

24/05/2020 Gentlemen, the auspicious day has finally arrived! On Saturday 30 May Sole Verde will reopen the gates to welcome you and your families back to its green oasis.

In the collective interest, we recommend that you comply with the rules contained in the downloadable protocol and that it will still be delivered to you at the time of entry.

With the hope that this summer, which opens with some difficulties, can be spent in serenity and health, we wish you a very good season at SOLEVERDE.

The Board of Directors

05/06/2020 communication from our Restaurant (in italian)

09/06/2020 Members / users are invited NOT to use inflatable swimming pools or similar in their lots.

This is in order to limit the consumption of water and avoid the problem of changing it with the risk of copious losses in the soil.

Trusting in an effective collaboration of all, we thank you for your attention.


he Board of Directors