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Swiss International Exhibition
Holiday in LUGANO

OCTOBER 13, 2018 Castagnata

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 13th, chestnut for all the members of Sol & Verde! A nice opportunity for those who do not attend the village even this season, to be able to embrace friends and spend a beautiful day! And why not... stop with us all weekend!!!
SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 closing season

And we came to the closing season.. After a summer in the name of friendship and fun here we are to close in beauty another fantastic summer!
We all look forward to the pagoda for an aperitif organized by some members of goodwill and apparently, with little desire to leave the Shoulders the summer fun!!
Lots of live music with Niccodemo!

AUGUST 15, 2018 mid-August

And finally arrived Ferragosto!

Prepare to be overwhelmed by a village in turmoil for preparations!

All smiling, moving tables, grids running, ball music! Festive Air! So we want you!!!

AUGUST 14, 2018 Eve of mid-August

Here we go! At the end of the festivities for our fantastic ferragosto... < br/> From 18.00 hours all in the pool for a mega aperitif, bingo, evening with dances and music and finally a refreshing dip at night!
Don't forget the Bathing suit!

AUGUST 10 - 16 - 25, 2018 OPEN DAY

The Village Sol&Verde opens to the public. Three days to live in company between grills, swimming pool, entertainment, music and fresh walks in the green. For the occasion the guests entrance will be only €2!


The Village Sol&Verde is pleased to present an evening of music and beautiful songs! So everyone in pagoda, to have fun with Quater Amis, Quater Malnat....la Milan told through the songs of Gaber and Jannacci! We are waiting for you to spend a wonderful evening together!

JUNE 16, 2018 Dance at the Court of the Queen of Hearts

On the occasion of the theme evening "dance at the Court of the Queen of Hearts", we are waiting for you to organize a fantastic evening Brunch in Pagoda! Games for everyone, music and makeup! They don't pay!

JUNE 02, 2018 Opening Summer season

Are you all ready to open the pools? Costume? Sarviettone? Flip flops? Solar oil? And then we wait for you on June 2 to take a dip all together!!! And it's a wonderful summer!!!
APRIL 01, 2018 Holy Easter

If someone does not want to grill, or to celebrate, but only celebrating, our restaurant is ready to welcome you!

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MARCH 23, 2018 Welcome back to All
With pleasure we communicate the re-opening of Sol&Verde after a short maintenance break. We are waiting to tidy up the gardens, open the windows of your houses and prepare your barbeque for the Holy Easter!
FEBRUARY 17, 2018 Carnevaliamo!
Paella, chiacchiere, tortelli, Karaoke and cheerfulness! And why not? Maybe in the mask! < br/> We look forward to numerous as ever.

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DECEMBER 31, 2017 New Year's Eve with us!

Let's celebrate New Year's Eve together! Live music, dance and karaoke... we're going to meet the new year and have fun together!

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DECEMBER 25, 2017 Holy Christmas

On the occasion of the Holy Christmas, our restaurant awaits you to celebrate in the family and in company. For the occasion you will be offered a rich menu.

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