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Frequently asked questions about the village

1 How can I use the village and its facilities?
The first way to be able to use the village, in any period of opening of the same, is to become a member / user of the company that manages it. In this way the member can request annually, for himself and for the people who want the assignment in use of the pitch where he resides. The second way to stay in Soleverde is to rent for a defined period of time, two weeks, a month or even more, one of the housing units that the company reserves for this type of user; exactly as it happens in the most classic tourist villages.
2 What does it mean to become a member of the village and what benefits does it entail?
The village is managed by a joint-stock company, whose members are all the users of the structure. This means that there is no property of the village for profit, but that are the users themselves of the village, a bit 'as happens in a condominium, to divide the operating expenses established from year to year. The social capital of the Società Campeggio Lombardo, the joint-stock company that manages the village, is divided into 500 shares, as well as the number of the Village's lots. By becoming owners of an action you also become a user of a village pitch.
3 Is the village always open?
The board of directors of the company is entitled to decide, year by year, a possible period of closure of the structure. As usual for some years, the village is closed for about two months, usually immediately after the epiphany until early March.
4 Is it possible to fix the residence at the village?
No, it is in no way possible to apply for residency at the Sol & Verde Village, which is still a holiday resort, even if it can be used for almost twelve months a year.
5 Can I install a house of my own in a village lot?
Absolutely Yes, indeed it is the most widespread form of use of the village. Almost all of our users are first and foremost shareholders and therefore in possession of the share certificate which gives them the right to ask in use each year the pitch where they have placed their housing unit.
6 Are there any empty or available pitches?
We have empty pitches that can always be detected through the purchase of the corporate action that entitles them to exclusive use. We also have empty lots for the traveling tourist who wants to stop and holiday at our facility with their own vehicle, caravan or camper, for the period most congenial to him, just as it happens in many other villages / camps.
7 How big are the pitches? And how much of them can be used for the living unit?
All our pitches are 80 square meters. However, there are single lots and double lots, the latter therefore have a surface of 160 square meters. On single lots it is possible to cover up to a maximum of 25 sq. M., For double lots this surface increases to 45 sq.m.
8 What are the rental facilities equipped for?
The rental accommodations are equipped with dishes, crockery, cookware and cutlery and basic cooking utensils. We also supply blankets and bedspreads, cushions. Inside there is everything needed for cleaning: bucket, shovel, broom and scrubbing brush. Outside they are equipped with a gazebo / umbrella, a PVC table with 4 chairs and the clothesline. Only linen and towels are not provided.
9 Is it possible to have private bathrooms and showers?
It is not possible as there is no sewage system that connects the village pitches. There are two service groups perfectly equipped with showers, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines as well as coin-operated washing machines and dryers.
10 Can you park your car near the pitch?
No, if the pitch has not provided, inside, an area for the shelter of the car, the same must be left in the car park and numbered site at the entrance of the campsite.
11 Is there an animation in the village?
Yes. During the summer months there will be an animation consisting of dancing nights, live music, cabaret, cinema, collective games and more. The animation will keep you company even during the day with games, sports tournaments and gymnastic activities. An animation dedicated to our younger guests is also planned.
12 Is there a club card to pay?
No, all the animation, as well as the use of all the sports facilities of the village are included in the price.
13 How far are the nearest population centers?
The nearest town, just one kilometer, is the town of Gornate Olona, on whose territory the village itself is located. Other important and fully equipped centers in the vicinity are the town of Tradate about 6 km and the provincial capital, Varese, about 10 km.
14 Is it a suitable place for families?
The family is perfectly inserted in our village. There are bars and facilities for adults and playgrounds and recreational areas for the little ones. The whole village is completely fenced and there is a concierge / reception at the entrance. Being a private area the entrance is not free and this means that adults can enjoy real moments of relaxation and the children can have fun with each other. It is also easily and quickly reached from many metropolitan areas of Lombardy and this makes it possible to enjoy all this even on weekends.
15 Is the village far from Switzerland?
Sol & Verde is easily reachable from all over the Canton of Ticino. The state border with the nearest Switzerland is only 18 km from the village.
16 Are pets allowed?
Yes, they are allowed and are free. Their presence is subject to the acceptance and observance of the behavioral norms and of the regulation foreseen by the village for their presence.